Blackthorn Working German Shepherds

A Little about Me and My Dogs

The kennel building in Spring 2008


Christine, Nike, and Ash--March 2003

BLACKTHORN – Prunus spinosa. The remedy for the depths of despair — the "Valley of the Shadow of Death."

BLACKTHORN – Circulation. Helps absorption of nutrients. Stabilizes emotions. Brings hope and joy. Strengthens the blood supply.*

(*Homeopathic uses for blackthorn.)
I've been involved in German Shepherds since 1992 and have been doing dog sports and schutzhund ever since, and I've been a Breed Warden and Tattooer for the United Schutzhund Clubs of America. My dogs are first and foremost my family members. I'm serious about having dogs around who I like to live and WORK with. I like a dog with a rock-solid temperament, intense drive, and keen intelligence. Good working dogs dogs who are FUN to work are made up of more elements than just drive and hardness I look for a dog who wants to spend his or her time with me, who always has a bright "What's next?" gleam in his eye, and who is a pleasure to be with and an even greater pleasure to train. This is the goal of every carefully planned breeding I do I don't breed often, and I want every puppy to grow up to be a joy in the work and in life.

In addition to my dogs, I have had three Bengal cats -- Jasper, Spider, and now Mako. And I have Siena, who gets a page of her own because she was Thorn's cat. She takes her role in socializing puppies VERY seriously!

I also have 2 JRTCA Jack Russell Terriers--Catawba Mountain's Flintrock (tan & white) and Catawba Mountain's Ruffian (black & white)--the terriers love to help "socialize" the puppies and keep everyone laughing!



Frost, Knight (age 14), Thorn, and me in 1994.

Spider and Jasper Thorn and his cat Siena



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