Blackthorn Working German Shepherds

Litters - 2017

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Blackthorn's "Kk" Litter

Nemain vd Heuvel, RN, BH (OFA) x Blackthorn's Stryder (OFA Good H/E)

Nemi is DM clear/clear by DNA test; Stryder is clear/clear by parentage.

7 males, 4 females born March 22, 2017

Litter Pedigree

May have some working prospects available.

Nemi combines some of the top IPO competition bloodlines from modern Czech and German working German Shepherds. Her sire competed multiple times in the World IPO3 championship trials (WUSV championships) and produced several sons who also competed at that level. In addition, both his parents and several of his siblings competed at the highest levels. Nemi's motherline brings strength, drive, and trainability as well. She is a smart, social, interactive dog who is a delight to spend time with. She loves people and kids and puppies and will play ball for hours on end. She has a high desire to work and interact with people around her and is easy to train because of her strong desire to please as well as her sound nerves, responsive nature, and excellent food and toy drive. Despite her drive, Nemi is an excellent companion and house dog with a definite "off switch."

Her first litter (the Gg pups) are in family and working homes and share their mom's intense desire to interact and to please--and to play ball!

Stryder is 1/2 DDR bloodlines and 1/2 working German/Belgian bloodlines out of our own Xita and Blackthorn's Jedi -- the S litter. (So the puppies will be about 1/2 DDR, 1/2 Czech and 1/2 German/Belgian working lines.) He's demonstrating his versatility -- titling in AKC rally and agility and now working on his BH and IPO1 titles in 2016. He's also demonstrated a lot of natural herding instinct and drive. He's a solidly built, true-medium size bicolor male with a blocky head, correct angulation front and rear, high withers, and balanced movement. He settles quickly in the house and is happy to spend some hours hanging out in the house--as long as he is with his "person."

He is the sire of the Ff litter (single pup) and the Jj litter--these pups are showing themselves to have steady nerves, high pack drive, very high trainability and intelligence, as well as their father's correct and sound conformation and versatility.


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Blackthorn's "Ll" Litter

Blackthorn's Vida Loca (OFA Good H/E) x Mjölnir von der Liebenburg (OFA)

Vida is DM clear by parentage; Hammer is DM clear/clear by DNA test.

3 males, 2 females born March 25, 2017

Litter Pedigree


Mjölnir von der Liebenburg, BH

German and Czech bloodlines

Blackthorn's Vida Loca, BH

Imported as a young puppy from Germany, "Hammer" has grown into a strong, handsome dog with a socialable, outgoing personality and a high desire to please. Hammer is training in IPO and will be working toward his IPO3 title -- be sure to check out his photo album for pictures of him working.

He's medium-high in drive, a quick learner, physically powerful yet easy to train. Visitors quickly fall in love with his affectionate personality and social nature.

PennHip scoring placed his hips in the 10% for GSDs tested. DM clear by DNA testing.

He produces his social temperament, good pigment, and sound nerves. He's 25.25" behind the withers and about 88 pounds.

More pictures of Hammer

100% DDR bloodlines

A daughter of our imported Xita, out of the DDR-line import Lord vd Grauen von Monstab, Vida has a calm temperament, high pack drive, strong protective instincts, medium-low prey drive, and has demonstrated strong nose skills and high hunt drive.

In addition to overall good health and strong genetics for good hips and elbows from a litter strong in its hip production, Vida brings very correct and sound conformation, heavy bone and rich pigmentation, as well as her gorgeous head.

She is a medium-sized female at about 23" and 67 pounds. This will be her first litter.


More pictures of Vida


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Planned Breedings

For the most up-to-date information on litters that are being considered or that have taken place, please see the "Pinned" post in the Blackthorn group on Facebook.

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Puppy prices are generally between
$1800 and $2000.

All my breeding dogs are hip and elbow x-rayed and DNA tested clear of the gene believed to be responsible for Degenerative Myelopathy.

The puppy sales contract, including hip and health guarantee, is available here.

For more information on Blackthorn puppies, send an e-mail and include some information about yourself, including what you are looking for in a puppy (male, female, color, pet or working, desired energy level), your location, and prior experience with GSDs or large dogs.

If you are interested in a puppy or dog from me, I welcome you to make an appointment and come meet the dogs.

Our working-line GSD puppies consistently exhibit strong drives, a natural willingness to please, confidence, and athletic ability, making them excellent candidates for SAR (search and rescue training), schutzhund, agility, herding, competition obedience, police work, detection, or any other working endeavor. Special consideration will be given to handlers experienced in competitive dog sports, herding, police work, and search and rescue.

As in any litter, some puppies will be lower in drive and activity level and will make excellent companion dogs. I work hard to ensure that each puppy is in a home that is well-suited to its temperament, drives, and energy level.

All GSD puppies grow up to be dogs that need regular interaction, exercise, and commitment from their human partners.

All puppies will be AKC registerable, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and health checked by a veterinarian before going to their new homes.

Regular and ongoing socialization to various people, places, scents, sounds, and surfaces is an important part of a puppy's early life. Socialization begins at day one--all puppies are born inside and are handled daily--and their exposure to the world is gradually broadened as they mature.

Socialization does not stop when the puppy goes home--each new puppy owner must continue the process of introducing their new puppy to the world--including car rides, new scents, sounds, other dogs, and other humans. We highly recommend that each owner find a puppy kindergarten class to continue this socialization. As always, it is important to be aware of the risks of diseases, such as parvo and distemper, and to balance the risk of disease exposure against the need for socialization in the first 16 weeks.

We recommend a conservative vaccination schedule based on the protocol by Dr. Jean Dodds.

Please consult with your veterinarian to select the appropriate vaccinations for your area/region.

8 weeks -- distemper/parvo

12 weeks --distemper/parvo

16 weeks -- distemper/parvo

18-20 weeks -- Rabies, 1 year

12-16 months -- distemper/parvo

12-16 months -- Rabies, 3 year vaccine--separate from the distemper/parvo booster

Then either titer tests or booster every three years.

Previous Litters

Blackthorn's "A" Litter

Born in February 1997, out of Frostbite v Pantara and V-Quattro v Spitzbubezwinger. Produced Ash and Asa--both went on to be awesome Schutzhund dogs and Ash has turned into a producer of great working dogs, too.

Blackthorn's "B" litter

Born in November 2001, this litter from Bodo and Nike produced everything we could have wanted--beautiful dogs who love to work. Three of the puppies--Badger (Xena), Brer, and Bramble--worked as certified Search and Rescue dogs.

Blackthorn's "C" litter

Nike and Ash

A super breeding, repeated several times! This combination has produced active pets, several dogs working in Schutzhund, and Circe, Ixnay, Inigo (Nash), Ilya (Blaze), and Jedi are all training/working in SAR. Jedi and Jubilee are also training in herding.

Blackthorn's "F" Litter

Blackthorn's "I" Litter

Blackthorn's "J" Litter

Blackthorn's "D" litter

Enni and Cliff

A gorgeous litter, this breeding also produced some great workers and companions. Deva was listed in the top 25 agility competition dogs in the U.S. after her first year of competition and was the 2009 GSDCA Agility Victrix!

Blackthorn's "E" Litter

Enni and Eagle v Eichenluft

Blackthorn's "G" Litter

Blackthorn's "H" Litter

Nike and Alex v. Eisenhaus

Blackthorn's "K" Litter

Danca and Faddo Adlerburg

Blackthorn's "L" Litter

Blackthorn's "M" Litter

Danca and Coal

Blackthorn's "N" Litter

Hunter x Orus

Blackthorn's "O" Litter

Xita x Laruh

Blackthorn's "P" Litter

Xita x Bandit v Wolfsheim

Blackthorn's "Q" Litter

Hunter x Bandit v Wolfsheim

Blackthorn's "R" Litter

Jubilee x Dorian aus der Königshöhle

Blackthorn's "S" Litter

Xita x Jedi

Oda x Jedi


Blackthorn's "U" Litter

Xita x Sumo vd Dewhaus

Blackthorn's "V" Litter

Xita x Lord vd Grauen Monstab

Blackthorn's "W" Litter

Oda x Sumo vd Dewhaus

Blackthorn's "X" Litter

Jubilee x Django vh Jurjim

Blackthorn's "Y" Litter

Solstice x Valentino v Sontausen

Blackthorn's "Z" Litter

Coal x Oda

Blackthorn's "Aa" Litter

Z'astur v Spartanville x Apollo v Bastion

Blackthorn's "Bb" Litter

Jubilee x Valentino v Sontausen

Blackthorn's "Cc" Litter

Organa ("Leia") x Jedi

Blackthorn's "Dd" Litter

Solstice ("Sunny) x T-Rex v Kriegerhaus

Blackthorn's "Ee" Litter

Oda x Tank v Franzosen Wald

Blackthorn's "Ff" Litter

Astur x Stryder

Blackthorn's "Gg" Litter

Nemi x Sumo

Blackthorn's "Hh" Litter

Oda x Mjolnir (Hammer)

Blackthorn's "Ii" Litter

Jubilee x Frank

Blackthorn's "Jj" Litter

Bo x Stryder


April 1, 2017


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