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Blackthorn's "S" litter

Born May 19, 2012

5 females, 7 males

These pups will have mostly moderate prey drive and excellent ability to settle as long as they are given regular interaction and exercise. Should produce prospects for competitive obedience or agility, excellent herding instincts, and sound temperaments suitable for working or active companionship.

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Top DDR and European working bloodlines!


100% DDR bloodlines

Xita was imported from Germany in summer 2010. She's got a rock-solid temperament with a clear head and strong natural defense.

She's impressed all who meet her with her soundness and excellent temperament--sweet when appropriate, but serious when it comes to protecting her people and space.

Puppies from her previous litters are working in SAR, herding, agility, rally, schutzhund, and training for Service Dog work, in addition to being excellent family companions. She passes on her excellent conformation, beautiful pigmentation, a strong desire to please and willingness to work with the handler.

More pictures of Xita


Sire: Blackthorn's Jedi,

OFA Good Hips/Elbows

Top West German and Belgian working bloodlines

Jedi is from the final litter of Nike and Ash--a combination which produced balanced high drives, high trainability, several pups certified in SAR work, strong herding instinct, and keen intelligence--as well as good overall health and a strong hip production record!

Jedi is absolutely sound in temperament, excellent with strange dogs of all sizes and shapes, loves kids, and is bombproof in temperament. He has strong working drives with an excellent ability to harness those drives to work all day long but to settle calmly in house and car. He is a working herding dog and competes in AKC, AHBA, and USBCHA herding trials.

Jedi's Picasa photo gallery

Born May 19, 2012

7 males (2 solid black, 5 bicolor or dark black & tan), 5 females (bicolor or dark black & tan)

All puppies are socialized to humans, other dogs, cats, various surfaces, noises, and scents. Puppies are sold with a veterinarian health check, first set of shots, and with a hip/health warranty.

Email for more information:

Puppies will be $1,500 (approved homes only)

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Steady temperament, sure nerves, good prey drive, loves to use her nose.

Retained on co-ownership.

Blackthorn's Solstice


long-coat, bicolor

Confident and cheerful, good drives, sweet personality, loads of personality!


Blackthorn's Sumi



Attentive, with good prey drive but loving personality, confident and sweet.


Blackthorn's Shadow



bicolor or dark black/red

She's forward and confident; good drives, great looks--very adventurous and has consistently been the "great explorer" of the litter.


Blackthorn's Steel Magnolia



Small, lively, opinionated, loving, and lovely. SOLD!


Blackthorn's Sweet Josephine


solid black

Active, indepent, explorer--lots of drive and intensely interested in having a job. But also a loving boy with high pack drive. SOLD!



bicolor or dark black/tan

Big, solid boy, steady temperament, great drives, excellent confidence. SOLD!



bicolor long coat


Steady, joyful, attentive, good drives but settles easily, super steady temperament. SOLD!


Blackthorn's Surge Protector



Strongly built--very handsome, talkative, with very nice drive, lots of confidence, and a disarmingly sweet personality. SOLD!




Affectionate and loves to snuggle and ham it up. Confident but very high pack drive--he wants to be with people!

He is looking for a home with a lot of interaction and attention--he would excel at competition obedience or agility or other sports, or he would make an awesome active companion,







Strongly built--very handsome but loving, strong-minded and reserved with new people but affectionate with his friends.




long-coat black/tan


Unflappable and incredibly mellow--extremley affectionate and loves belly rubs--this confident boy is not fazed by anything! SOLD!


August 20, 2012

Breeding quality working German Shepherd Dogs since 1996.

Barboursville, Virginia

Previous Litters

Blackthorn's "A" Litter

Born in February 1997, out of Frostbite v Pantara and V-Quattro v Spitzbubezwinger. Produced Ash and Asa--both went on to be awesome Schutzhund dogs and Ash has turned into a producer of great working dogs, too.


Blackthorn's "B" litter

Born in November 2001, this litter from Bodo and Nike produced everything we could have wanted--beautiful dogs who love to work. Three of the puppies--Badger (Xena), Brer, and Bramble--worked as certified Search and Rescue dogs.


Blackthorn's "C" litter

Nike and Ash

A super breeding, repeated several times! This combination has produced active pets, several dogs working in Schutzhund, and Circe, Ixnay, Inigo (Nash), Ilya (Blaze), and Jedi are all training/working in SAR. Jedi and Jubilee are also training in herding.

Blackthorn's "F" Litter

Blackthorn's "I" Litter

Blackthorn's "J" Litter


Blackthorn's "D" litter

Enni and Cliff

A gorgeous litter, this breeding also produced some great workers and companions. Deva was listed in the top 25 agility competition dogs in the U.S. after her first year of competition and was the 2009 GSDCA Agility Victrix!


Blackthorn's "E" Litter

Enni and Eagle v Eichenluft

Blackthorn's "G" Litter

Blackthorn's "H" Litter

Nike and Alex v. Eisenhaus

Blackthorn's "K" Litter

Danca and Faddo Adlerburg

Blackthorn's "L" Litter


Blackthorn's "M" Litter

Danca and Coal

Blackthorn's "N" Litter

Hunter x Orus

Blackthorn's "O" Litter

Xita x Laruh

Handsome puppies--working in herding, SAR, schutzhund/PP, agility, Service/Assistance Dog, Therapy Dog, as well as being excellent companions and friends.

Blackthorn's "P" Litter

Xita x Bandit v Wolfsheim

Blackthorn's "Q" Litter

Hunter x Bandit v Wolfsheim

Blackthorn's "R" Litter

Jubilee x Dorian aus der Königshöhle




 Breeding quality workingline German Shepherd Dogs since 1996.
Located in Barboursville, VA

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